Case Study The Crucial Sauce Company

In 2009, Crucial Sauce were looking to redesign their sauce labels ready for their product launch into the retail market.

Shortly after approaching Macfarlane Labels, Crucial Sauce were impressed with the customer support, technical expertise and high quality labels we had to offer.

After a short period of time following a very successful start, Crucial Sauce gave 100% of their label business to Macfarlane Labels. Four years later, Macfarlane Labels continue to support Crucial Sauce with great products and value, and have been an integral part of their growth.

Gabriel Gabriel of the Crucial Sauce Company Ltd discussed his relationship with Macfarlane Labels, “When we were redesigning our labels, we approached Macfarlane and we were impressed with what they had to offer. By providing us with great customer support, technical expertise and a quality product, Macfarlane Labels now print 100% of our labels. Since then, we have grown by more than 200% and our products feature next to well-known brands like Heinz and Hellmann’s.”