Case Study Insignia Technologies

Macfarlane Labels and Insignia Technologies Ltd have been working together since 2012 to develop cost-effective, colour-changing labels that are used as timers and CO2 indicators in the food industry.

Macfarlane Labels have used their expertise in innovation and knowledge of materials, inks and production processes to bring the Insignia ideas to life. The partnership was based on sharing common goals and ideas, and combining experiences.

The Pull Timer is an award-winning, time temperature indicator that has been designed to provide customers with a clearer understanding of how long products have been opened in the fridge.

This helps to ensure customers enjoy their products when they are best to eat and reduces the amount of unnecessary food waste that comes from our households.

The colour change is initiated by removing a tab on the side of the label which brings the “intelligent” elements into contact with each other. This can take place over different time periods, ranging from days to a maximum of six weeks. The rate of colour change increases with the rise in temperature.

The innovation came in response to growing demands from customers in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries to fill the gap for technology that offers the right functionality at a suitable price.

The labels are available on the markets in North and South Americas, the UK and Europe, and have already had a lot of interest from major brands in the US as well as major British retailers.

Erik Smyth, Director at Insignia Technologies said:

“We really appreciate all the hard work and effort that the team at MacFarlane put into working with Insignia to developing this product. Their knowledge and advice was invaluable and was instrumental in making the Pull Timer a success. We look forward to more exciting times ahead working alongside MacFarlane Labels.”

The Insignia Pull & Time solution recently won the Best New Concept Award at UK Packaging Awards 2016 last month.