Keeps products fresher for longer

Self Adhesive
Self Adhesive
Reseal-it® is an innovative, patented labelling system
that allows packets to be opened and closed up to
25 times, keeping food fresher for longer. This reduces
food waste, saves money for consumers and ensures
your brands are perfectly presented.

Reseal-it® packs are designed to enhance the functionality of your pack and are environmentally friendly. For both these reasons they will reflect very well on your brand.

The secret is a patented label system, which combines an engineered label, precise label application and a precision cutting system.

This innovative technology allows packs to be easily opened and closed up to 25 times, keeping the food fresh and well-preserved. This unique packaging solution is achieved by combining our comprehensive label knowledge with a patented precision application and cutting machine technology.

Video: What is Reseal-it®?

Our Reseal-it® Partners

Labels can be pre-applied to film avoiding the complexity and cost of additional machinery. The label and the Reseal-it® function is applied by us or one of our partners on ‘ready-to-run’ film reels. Alternatively, our units can be either retro-fitted on existing production lines or integrated on new machine installations by us or by our partners, Printpack.

Benefits of Reseal-it® packaging concept

Products are kept fresher, for longer

Frequent opening of food products exposes them to air and reduces the time in which they can be safely consumed. Resealable packs can be opened and re-closed many times, keeping products fresh by preventing them from drying out.

Reduction of food waste

With almost 15 million tonnes of food being wasted in the UK each year, Reseal-it® allows products to be opened and closed up-to 25 times. This helps to reduce food waste by controlling portions thoroughly.

Customer experience

Resealable food packs offer convenience, reliability and increased performance, making the entire shopping and opening experience more enjoyable.

Safe for the environment

When a pack uses Reseal-it® , there is no need to repack products in film, plastic containers, poly bags or foil once opened.

Tamper proof packaging

Reseal-it® is designed to prevent tampering with clear evidence shown if someone has tried to open the pack.

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