Self Adhesive

Self Adhesive
Self Adhesive
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We will ensure your brands are perfectly presented and have specific expertise in the following markets:

What are self-adhesive labels?

Self-Adhesive labels are a vital element of product decoration and enhancement that maintain brand integrity. Both versatile and widely used across a number of industries (including health and beauty, food, household goods, beverages and pharmaceuticals); self-adhesive labels are supplied on a reel for machine application. They can also be supplied on sheets for hand application.

The labels comprise of three layers: label face material, adhesive and backing paper/release liner. Self-Adhesive labels require pressure to be applied during application to adhere to a surface, which is why they are commonly referred to as ‘pressure sensitive labels’.

Label Face Material

There are many different face materials available to use and this will often depend on the type of finish you require for the product or the pack it is being applied to. Labels can be made from paper, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET) and much more. Self-adhesive coupon labels or ‘peel and read’ labels integrate more layers which creates additional space for promotional or regulatory information versus a traditional wet glue label.


There are a wide range of adhesives available with the 2 main types being Permanent and Removable. Within these types there are a number of specific adhesives available for specialist applications like resealable and deep-freeze. The adhesive chosen will be dependent on a number of determining factors including:

  • The material the label will be applied to
  • Whether the label needs a permanent adhesion or peel-able functionality
  • The environmental conditions the products are likely to face.
  • Requirements for any particular product resistance


Self-adhesive labels are supplied on a backing liner to enable easy removal as part of the application process. Paper based liners are the most common choice, however polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) backing may also be used.

During the printing and manufacturing process, the self-adhesive label will be die cut to the specified shape and supplied to you on a roll or sheet. The labels are subject to a number of stringent quality controls throughout the process.

Innovation in Labelling

At Macfarlane Labels, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you have the highest quality self-adhesive labels, every time. We are also members of FINAT– the European association for the self-adhesive labels industry. As the self-adhesive label sector evolves with new materials, technologies and formats our membership with FINAT allows us to keep up-to-date with the accelerating changes, ensuring we are bringing the latest innovations to your business. If you would like to know more about our Self-Adhesive labels get in touch.

Printing Capability

We understand the wide range of labels that our customers require and we have the capabilities to offer the following printing processes:

UV Flexo

Our UV Flexo process allows us to deliver superior quality labels in up to 10 colours, combined with the other capabilities listed below. Utilising the latest HD plate technology and servo drive presses, we can ensure your brands are perfectly presented.

Die Cutting

The rotary die cutting process allows us to create bespoke label shapes for your products. Our advanced machine specifications allow for multiple die-cuts in a wide range of materials.



We manufacture the highest quality digitally printed labels for all your short and medium run needs.

Screen Print

High opacity screen printing allows us to create premium “no label look” products giving unique shelf appeal.


We can provide numerous options including gloss, matt & satin applied in both full and spot coverage as well as other specialist varnishes such as fluorescent, tactile and overprintable.


High quality foil printing application enhances your product to ensure it stands out from the competition.

Peel and read coupons

Where space can be limited, peel and read coupons allow for additional detail.


Our lamination process allows us to apply protective over-laminate films or create multi-layer labels.

Braille print

We can apply Braille print to your label enabling product identification for visually impaired consumers.


This printing technique will give your labels a premium look creating areas of depth and texture allowing your product to stand out from the crowd.

Print on Reverse/Adhesive

We are able to produce reverse printed labels where the print is on the underside or the adhesive of the label

Our expertise enables us to consistently satisfy our customers’ requirements and is enhanced by our in-house studio and repro facilities which supply all our printing plates, allowing us to respond immediately to customer’s requests and emergencies.

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